The UK Government has specified COBie output as the format it will use to manage the design, construction and operation of public buildings.

COBie is the abbreviation of Construction Operations Building Information Exchange, a specification used in the handover of Facility Management information. It is a spreadsheet data format for the delivery of a subset of building model information, rather than geometric model information.

COBie UK 2012 is a data standard used to document and share structured information about the building and infrastructure for operations and management of the building. This includes four data drops during the delivery stage. The data is initially extracted from existing schedules, reports or BIM models and presented using spread sheets – see Figure 1 below.

COBie output

The COBie spreadsheet is a mapping of the FM Handover View Definition, which is a subset (so-called “Model View Definition” (MVD)) of the current IFC 2×3 scheme. COBie was developed by buildingSMART to exchange facility management information among building models.

ARCHICAD and COBie Output


Solibri and COBie Output

A first, proof of concept trial using Solibri Model Checker has been endorsed as a success by the eight participating Tier 1 Contractors. Solibri Model Checker has been used to validate COBie data and produce outputs from co-ordinated BIM models via IFC import.