BIMx Sample Files

BIMx allows building design professionals to present their Virtual Building projects in an interactive game-like environment. It combines the fun and easy navigation of a first-person video-game with the power of intelligent virtual building models to let users easily share designs with colleagues and partners.

1. Download BIMx Viewer

App Store Play Store Windows Mac OS
App Store Play Store Windows Mac


2. Download 3D BIMx Samples

calton - BIMx Sample Files

Calton Sample File

The Calton Renovation project showcases a proposed extension to an existing terraced property. The old roof is to be completely demolished to make way for a new en-suite bedroom, and a spacious roof terrace. The living room is also getting extended towards the garden, with large areas of glazing to expand the impression of space even further. This BIMx file has been created to communicate the proposed changes to the client. Click here to download

3. Transferring BIMx Files (Mobile Devices Only)

You can transfer the BIMx files to your mobile device in the following ways:

  • Download the BIMx files directly from this page onto your Android or iOS device.
  • Connect the mobile device to your computer by data cable or WIFI.
  • Transfer the files using Dropbox.
  • Transfer the files by email (depending on the file size and your email provider).
  • Upload the files through iTunes (iOS only).


4. Navigation

On Mobile Device

View the following movie demonstrating BIMx mobile navigation.

On Workstation

To download a printable keyboard with the BIMx controls, click here.

printable keyboard with the BIMx controls BimX Sample Files