BIMx (Building Explorer)

Building Explorer (BIMx and BIMx PRO) is an innovative, interactive, communication tool for designers settings new standards for communication and presentation, for Windows/Mac OS workstations, and iOS/Android mobile devices.

BIMx (free) now provides access to the full set of project information including 2D documents 3D models and any non-geometric data incorporated into a BIM workflow.

The free version includes:-

  • 3D Content
  • 2D Content
  • Hyperlinked 2D & 3D
  • Smooth Transitions
  • Real-World-like Experience
  • All-round 3D Cutaways
  • Cloud Storage Access
  • Custom Per-Element Info Sets
  • Zone Info Display

BIMx PRO (paid) now provides an on-demand measurement feature (iOS only) where users can take measurements of length, area and angles, as well as AirPrint and Google Cloud Print support.

Click below to download a BIMx sample file to view on your iOS/Android mobile device, or Windows or Mac workstation.

Download BIMx sample file



Presenting your ideas on the move

A selection of graphical renderings are available to the operator as well as the ultimate design exploration with gravity, layer hydrocodone online prescriptions with no membership control, fly-mode, egress recognition and pre-saved walkthrough options.

BIMx - presenting your files on the move

BIMx Simple navigation

Walk around the model to explore the project, or jump to specific parts of the model through gallery snapshots, layout sheets, or markers within the 3D environment.


Drawings and documentation in context

BIMx PRO’s smooth transitions and context-sensitive information overlay allow the drawings and building data to be viewed within the context of the 3D model. View all published layouts, drawings, schedules, and other documentation, while 3D cutting planes position the drawings in the correct 3D space.

BIMx - drawings and documentation in context

Communicating BIM data

Building components keep their intelligence, so filtering and querying parametric BIM object information is available instantly. Tap on an element or zone to display relevant BIM data – which you choose to export from the ARCHICAD model – such as ID numbers, geometry, finishes, product codes, and web links.

BIMx - communicating BIM data

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Download BIMx sample file