BIMcloud allows a BIM workflow on any network, hardware or software configuration, connecting teams and projects of any size or setup.


Infinite scalability

GRAPHISOFT BIM Server has been an integral part of the Teamwork experience in ARCHICAD for years. When originally conceived, it was designed for the constraints of the time: a local server running in the office where the designers were. Times have changed, people are becoming more mobile and connected every day, but BIM Server stayed the same. This what GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud has been created for.

GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud has been created from ground-up to provide the same Teamwork experience that many know and love over the internet served by a decentralised network. Instead of requiring one central server, BIMcloud components can be placed strategically to serve your use-case the best.

The BIMcloud benefits include:

  • It supports HTTP and HTTPS, meaning uninterrupted connections in most environments. Picture logging in to your Teamwork project from an airport!
  • It can connect members from any distance. Network latency is simply no longer an issue
  • It can integrate into existing environments allowing IT administrators to centrally manage users and data access
  • High scalability supports any workload. Upgrade servers on live systems, without interrupting production work, or add additional capacity without downtime.

Watch our webinar

To learn more about what BIMcloud can do watch our webinar:


Not everyone has ready-built infrastructure to host BIMcloud. That is why we created BIMcloud@Applecore, where you can enjoy all the benefits of BIMcloud without the hassle of server administration, as we take care of the backend.

To find out more about BIMcloud@Applecore please contact our office via the contact form on the right side of this page, or by calling +44 (0) 121 447 7747