BIM Server

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The enhanced Graphisoft BIM Server provides a platform for Teamwork projects with multiple members to work on a model and its documentation, both within the office and through the Internet.

Unlike other solutions on the market, only changes in the model are synchronised with the BIM Server, dramatically reducing the amount of data being transferred. By reducing the file size of these interactions, your team can work together in real-time across your network and through standard internet connections from virtually anywhere in the world.

Roles and responsibilities

Fine-tune permissions for all team members globally or for a particular project, for the assignment of a task, work spaces and project administration.

Fine-tune permissions for all team members with BIM Server

Working as a team

A flexible instant reservation system with colour-coded workspaces enables multiple team members to work on a building model simultaneously while avoiding access right issues and conflicts.

BIM Server instant reservation system

Overcome data transfer issues with BIM Server and Teamwork

When transferring large amounts of data across a network, it can result in bottlenecks, slow data transfer and inefficient project workflow. With BIM Server, only changed elements are transmitted to the central model from the local cache (delta server technology) resulting in reduced network traffic and increased working speed.

BIM Server data transfer

Real-time communication

Instant messaging allows communication between all team members wherever their location, and to assign elements and tasks to other members of the team.

BIM Server real-time communication

Flexible remote working

Continue to work on a project remotely with a local cache, via an Internet connection, or export your workspace as a portable Travel Pack.

BIM Server Travel Pack

Data security and project roll-back

Restore or revert to a scheduled backup or cached copy of the project at any time, to minimise reworking.

BIM Server backup

BIM Server Licencing

There are numerous licence options for ARCHICAD and BIM Server, including perpetual licence purchase, rental and perpetual licence lease. The cost per seat will depend on the number of licences required overall and the multi-licence discount applied. Licencing works on a concurrent basis, therefore you are free to install the software on as many machines as required.

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