Applecore Template

Following the release of ARCHICAD 23, Applecore Designs has updated its template file, based on the standard UKI template, with a number of improvements where we aim to assist studios using the latest version.

The Applecore Designs template is closely related to the standard UKI template, with a number of updates, including:

  • Default tabs are set to show all layers, and a high level of detail, ensuring a full and consistent display across the open tabs.
  • Tools’ default settings are set to design concept or planning stage structure types.
  • Consistency between favourites and tools’ default settings.
  • Replaced any references to missing attributes or properties.
  • Additional fill patterns for consistent surface cover fills.
  • Default pens numbers according to the default pen set structure.
  • Enabled stair pitch rule.
  • Air space and insulation materials correctly classified conditional parameters.

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