Twinmotion is a realtime visualisation and 3D immersion software that allows you to import, navigate and visualise Virtual Buildings and 3D models. With drag-and-drop objects, it is quick and simple to add landscapes, animated vegetation and people, and materials to add life to your high quality images and movies.

Twinmotion is the essential tool for all those who wish to present their urban design or landscaping project in a realistic and life-like environment.

Importing BIM and Virtual Building Models

Export your projects directly from ARCHICAD or Revit into Twinmotion, as well as importing Sketchup, Cinema 4D and DWG files. Multiple files can be opened into the same Twinmotion project to create your scene, and imported files can be updated at any time, Maintaining your modifications and materials.

Model Import in Twinmotion


The environment can be customised through an intuitive slider system, with options to control the sky, clouds, fog, rain, snow, wind and its impact on vegetation. The environment is visible in real time in the preview window, giving you instant feedback on your project.

Environment in Twinmotion


Twinmotion offers a wide choice of materials that can adapt to the time of day or night. Adjust their UV scale, opacity, halo effects, illumination, and bump mapping to apply relief effects for added realism.

Materials in Twinmotion


Illuminate a scene with a wide range of customisable light sources, along with IES files to import photometric data.


Create your own personal landscapes suitable for your project. Select your landscape and terrain type, edit the surfaces with push/pull, and “paint” textures of rocks, sand or earth to enhance your landscapes.

Landscape in Twinmotion


All vegetation is animated, with 3D trees and blades of grass reacting to the wind and adapting to the seasons, to animate your project in different conditions at different times of the year.

Vegetation in Twinmotion

 Crowds & Traffic

Create a sense of dynamism in your movies by defining paths for your characters and vehicles, with just a few clicks.

People and vehicles in Twinmotion

Visual Effects

Customise your project further with vignetting, lens deviations, or filters such as “white model”, “black & white” or “sketch”.

Visual Effects in Twinmotion

ARCHICAD and Twinmotion

A complete renovation of a 1980s house near Marlow, modelled in ARCHICAD and visualised in Twinmotion: